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Miscellaneous Training

Do you need a Flight Review (BFR)? A consultation for reviewing your logbook?  Or do you want to have an indepth one-on-one session with a Certificated Flight Instructor?  Select one or more options below.

Flight Review

Every licensed pilot (with some exceptions) is required to have a flight review with a CFI once every 2 years.  It is no longer called a Biennial Flight Review (BFR), but most experienced pilots still refer to it as such.  One hour of ground training and one hour of in-flight training is required per 14 CFR 61.56.  

We have priced this in two 1-hour blocks so that you can scheduled back-to-back hours or schedule on seperate days with seperate instructors as your schedule permits.

N7670M Sedona  2.jpeg
N63412 Cessna 150M.jpeg

CFI Consultation

Sometimes you just need to sit one-on-one with a Certificated Flight Instructor to discuss your future aviation plans or to review training you have already accumulated to find out what is needed to finish, Use this option to schedule a 1 -hour session with a CFI. 

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