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Finance your training

Stop Dreaming and Start Flying!

Fly928 now offers financing for your private pilot and instrument rating.

Here's how it works: You put $4000 down and make monthly payments of $500 a month until your account is settled its that simple No interest! No credit checks! we do Charge a $25 monthly fee for this service.  

Aspiring Pilot
Pilot in Light Aircraft

The average cost for private pilot is approximately $9500, keep in mind everybody is different and that is not an exact figure but rather use it as an example. You put your $4000 down and start your training, You put a debit card on file and it charges your card The $500 each month $25 of that is a service charge $475 of that goes towards your balance in our example it would take 11.5 months to pay your account to a $0 balance! This option will save you money and time because you will not have those big gaps in your training.

As you make your monthly payments you can fly and train as much as you'd like and finish your rating quickly without worry of running out of money half way through. What are you waiting for lets get started!!!


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