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Meet the Team


Jared Hall

Owner, ATP, Gold Seal CFII, AGI, IGI

Jared started FLY928 in 2017 to fill a big gap in the Yuma community. Don’t be mistaken by his calm, laid back style he has a passion for aviation and is focused on producing safe, confident pilots!

Greig Ward


Greig is a career pilot spanning back to 1979 he was a fighter pilot and instructor in the Marine Corps flying F-4’s, F-5’s, and various other aircraft. After retirement from service he flew commercial Jets until retirement from Delta Airlines in 2020. Greig brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to FLY928 and we are lucky to have him as a CFI partner!


Michael Hanna-Wilson


Michael is a Yuma native who has been flying the skies of the Desert Southwest since he was 15 years old. After graduating U of A with a geology degree in 2020, he decided to turn his flying hobby into a career, and went on to get his commercial pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate.  While he enjoys camping and hiking in his free time, his greatest passion is instructing, and helping others as they enter the world of aviation!

Hann Bio Photo.JPG

Daniel D. Hann II "Dan"

Fly928 Account Administrator, Private Pilot, Sport Pilot CFI-Powered Parachute, AGI, IGI

Dan is a retired federal employee and has been a Sport Pilot CFI teaching Powered Parachute, the last few years.  He is a Private Pilot, Advanced Ground and Instrument Ground Instructor and is working on becoming a full CFI to teach with us someday soon  When you call or email Fly928, Dan will be the guy on the other end answering your questions and assisting you in enrollment and pairing you with an instructor.  Give him a call today to find the right fit for beginning your flight training.

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