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Instrument Rating Course


The private pilot certificate allows the holder to fly a single engine airplane in good visual weather (VFR). Instrument rating allows the holder to fly without having visual references outside the airplane (the ground) therefore allowing you to fly in clouds and in limited visual situations (IMC), this is the next step after you finish your private pilot certificate whether you just want that next level airmanship for safety or to move on to the commercial certificate . We at FLY928 pride ourselves on our personal approach, ensuring you get the highest level of training and become a better safer pilot. 

Instrument Rating Requirements

To earn an Instrument Rating, a pilot must:

  • Hold a Private or Commercial Certificate.

  • Receive flight training from an authorized instructor.

  • ​Read, speak, write and understand the English language

  • Meet the Aeronautical experience requirements 

  • Pass a written and practical test.

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